Lifelong Independent Virtual Education

Welcome to JCS-LIVE

JCS-LIVE is an online virtual program that focuses on career and technical education for grades TK-12. Our focus is on supporting student’s interests by personalizing learning for what they want to learn, while still teaching the state standards. We serve students in San Diego, Orange, Riverside, and Imperial counties. Are you tired of status-quo education where every student is treated the same regardless of their ability? If so, it is time to explore truly personalized education through JCS-LIVE where your child is the center of their own learning. Students work with credentialed teachers to establish a plan, and schedule and set personal goals to help them reach mastery. Content is built around career and college readiness starting in elementary school. Students advocate for themselves and learn how to be independent thinkers and learners with the encouragement and support of JCS-LIVE faculty and staff.

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JCS-LIVE has grade-level specific or grade-band LIVE workshops offered by credential teachers, which are generally required, and mentor sessions and tutoring sessions throughout the week, which are also required.  We also have in-person field trip opportunities on some Mondays or Fridays each month (not required, but recommended). In addition to weekly core-content workshops and CTE workshops that focus on problem-solving, we also have student-run clubs and activities, as well as elective offerings.  Students are able to make friends at JCS-LIVE even though they are working at home. They also have opportunities to mentor other students, communicate with students abroad, and build connections to the community through service. Our goal at JCS-LIVE is to make learning fun and engaging for students by encouraging them to use technology in positive and safe ways to build their skills and learning.

All curriculum, including a Chromebook, is provided upon enrollment.  We will personalize what a student needs to be successful. Our goal is to provide each student with completely personalized education and to inspire and motivate students to challenge themselves and pursue their areas of interest.  Our content is driven by our students and what they need and want to learn to be successful, lifelong, independent learners. It is a unique approach to education in that we still meet content/Common Core standards, but through new approaches that allow students to genuinely be in charge of their education and learn how to learn and support themselves independently with the guidance of mentors, teachers, and tutors.

Can students with IEPs attend JCS-LIVE?

If your student has an IEP, we will first need to have a conversation with our special education department to make sure we can provide FAPE through our online school.  If we cannot, we will recommend a different program option within the JCS Family of Schools. Miranda Shields, Director of Special Education can be reached at (760) 421-9239.  Dr. Shields will be happy to speak with you about all of our programs.