Lifelong Independent Virtual Education

Welcome to JCS LIVE

JCS LIVE is the latest venture in the JCS family of schools. JCS LIVE (Lifelong Independent Virtual Education) will be established in the 2019 – 2020 school year as a fully online program. JCS LIVE is sponsored by the Julian Union School District. Unlike the other family of schools, JCS LIVE does not have a campus or academy classes.  Students work with their teachers through an online platform and participate in activities online. During the pilot year, JCS LIVE is seeking to serve between 25 and 50 students. Lori Cummings is the director of JCS LIVE and will supervise the staff and teachers as the school grows. She will also teach and mentor students. JCS LIVE will serve students in grades 6-12 the first year, integrating the vetted online curriculum to include a Career and Technical (CTE) focus.  During the first year, there will be (2) pathways from which students can choose: (1) business and (2) information technology. Students desiring a different pathway will be given the opportunity through Odysseyware Online or our partners at the local community college.

Announcing JCS LIVE