6-8 Virtual Middle School


Lifelong Independent Virtual Education

6-8 Virtual Middle School

The JCS LIVE middle school program (6th, 7th and 8th grade) offers two paths for student success.  Regardless of the path chosen, all students set goals for the year and determine which courses best meet their unique learning style.

Path 1:  intended for students who prefer to work independently online.  The parent provides support and guidance when needed.  Students in Path 1 have the option to attend any LIVE class, club, or activity that they choose; however, attendance is optional.  Students in Path 1 tend to be college-bound students who take advanced classes to prepare for the rigors of high school and beyond.  Students complete most of their coursework through Edgenuity and complete projects relating to personal interests and goals.   Students meet with a mentor teacher at least once every two weeks to review assignments and progress.

Path 2:  intended for students who need more support and guidance from credentialed, subject area teachers. Students in this path attend required LIVE classes on most days and have content delivered both online and through multiple options to help the student succeed. Parents ensure that the student is attending class and completing work each day. Students are assigned a mentor teacher to assist them. Students are assigned curriculum through a variety of resources depending on their learning style and plan.

A discussion will be held for students who are unable to complete 80% of their work each week to determine if independent study is an appropriate placement for the child and family.

Webinar with Director Lori Cummings